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JetBackup for Website Hosting in Pakistan

JetBackup for Website Hosting

Step into the future of technology with our advanced solutions, featuring JetBackup for website hosting. Experience seamless data protection and effortless restoration, ensuring your website’s security and peace of mind. Welcome to hassle-free hosting!”

JetBackup is an industry-leading backup solution designed for cPanel & DirectAdmin hosting services, offering flexible configuration options to retain data. Incremental backups also make the backup process much faster! By only copying over data that has changed since the previous backup, incremental backups allow only changes that require copying to occur and thus greatly speed up backup processes!

1. Backup & Restore Your Data

JetBackup can easily restore files, directories, databases and entire accounts back to their previous states at any point in time – making recovery from hardware failure, software issue or human error simple and painless.

Our backups are incremental, meaning only data that has changed since the previous backup is included in each archive. This keeps backups small and efficient while simultaneously making your website faster as it doesn’t need to download all the same information each time you make a change.

If you need to recover files or folders, simply select them from the list and click Restore Selected Files or Restore All Items. When asked to confirm restoration, your restored file will then appear in File Backups where it can be easily downloaded locally.

To access A2 Hosting’s full account restore feature, log into your cPanel (available to all clients via their Client Area or by clicking “cPanel on the top menu bar) and go to JetBackup in FILES section of cPanel – here, a table will list your full backups displaying their dates and times; choose one to have restored and select that specific date/time in which your full account should be restored from.

When restoring an individual file, directory or database you will be given the option of uploading or using one of our FTP clients to download directly from our server. Alternatively you can opt to have it automatically download once restoration has completed by selecting Generate Download then navigate directly to cPanel’s Downloads tab and selecting Download Now – these options allow for greater control when it comes to file restoration!

2. Keep Your Data Safe

JetBackup is designed to protect all the data on your website hosting account, such as databases, files, directories, email, cron jobs and more! Once backed up with JetBackup, any lost data can be restored back onto the server at any time should a disaster such as hardware failure or hacker attacks strike – keeping you online even in dire times! Regular data backups with JetBackup help keep you running in any situation!

Jetbackup utilizes an innovative encryption system that safeguards your data against unauthorized access. Backups are encrypted prior to being uploaded onto a backup server and again once they arrive there, preventing anyone from reading them even if their account credentials or system becomes compromised in some way. This feature makes Jetbackup an invaluable asset when used alongside Amazon S3.

Once your backups are complete, they are stored on our disaster recovery servers where you can easily restore them at any time. This process will restore all the data from your backup onto your server as it was at the date and time of its creation – this includes databases, emails, files and cron jobs so you can get up and running after disaster strikes or hacker attacks!

Access the JetBackup panel via your cPanel to access and restore individual files or directories, with guides available that focus on this and database restoration respectively. Using the restore/download button you can also obtain a complete list of your backed up data including full account backups, file/directory backups, cron job backups and DNS zone backups!

3. Easily Restore Your Data

Accessing your data when things go wrong is crucial, which is why JetBackup exists – to restore files or databases back to any point-in-time of your choice. This makes JetBackup especially valuable if you accidentally deleted something important or experienced a hardware failure that renders the site unavailable – with JetBackup you can quickly restore all aspects of your hosting account back to where it was before the backup took place, ensuring all of your data remains safe.

Access your backups quickly from within cPanel by clicking on the JetBackup 5 icon, which allows you to easily choose a date and time when to restore files using its calendar-based interface. Furthermore, choose from which folder Public_HTML (shared hosting; Public_html for managed VPS servers/dedicated servers); use search bars for specific files/databases.

Backups are always encrypted for maximum data protection against hacks or theft, while being distributed across various locations to create a robust disaster recovery solution.

JetBackup utilizes incremental backups so your data is only backed up when something has changed since your last backup, keeping backup sizes small and compact. Plus, individual files and database records can be restored from within cPanel without needing to log into your server or contact support – providing end users with self service capabilities for account restoration that reduce support tickets submitted by clients – a tremendous benefit both you and them!

4. Access Your Data Anytime

JetBackup provides an extremely customizable and comprehensive backup solution that addresses all of your backup needs, be they account groups, schedules, retention limits or data types. This results in an extremely customizable and versatile backup solution which meets every one.

Restoring files, databases or even an entire website has never been simpler thanks to self service functionality – simply locate your latest backup and restore it yourself at your own pace! Host providers have noted significant decreases in support tickets from end users due to this feature – something many hosting providers praise highly as evidenced by dramatic decreases in support tickets received.

JetBackup makes life easy when it comes to accessing backups whenever necessary – even if you aren’t connected to a server or the internet! This convenient tool saves time and hassle when working with large files that won’t fit on your desktop PC!

When it comes to providing automated, secure and reliable storage of your data, backup systems are an essential necessity. While there are various backup solutions out there that offer similar protection, none compare to JetBackup for its diverse set of features and ease of use – it is ideal for any business seeking to avoid expensive data loss. Rad Web Hosting proudly includes JetBackup in every shared and reseller hosting plan we offer so that your online business is safe from data loss today! For more information or if any inquiries arise please reach out directly. Our support team are here waiting!

5. Save Money

With our JetBackup add-on, your account receives daily backups that are accessible at any time through cPanel – saving you from paying for costly cloud storage or losing data due to server failure or natural disaster. Furthermore, these incremental backups only back up files or folders which have changed since their last backup – saving both money and effort in terms of storage costs and data loss protection.

If you need to securely back up all the data in your account at once, our pCloud and Dropbox backup destinations offer convenient solutions for businesses. Plus, these cloud services come standard with all our VPS, Quasi-VPS and Dedicated Server packages!

JetBackup makes it simple and straightforward to restore backups for websites, databases and email accounts alike. Simply login to cPanel and follow the steps. Plus, if desired, create additional safety backups before beginning restoration so your originals won’t get overwritten by restored data.

Backups are stored offsite to protect them in case of a disaster, allowing you to access them from anywhere using web browser or mobile app access. Plus, you can restore only files and folders you require which could save money if there’s unnecessary space left on your server.

JetBackup is proud to partner with us to deliver a comprehensive backup solution, making us your one stop for backup needs and restoration assistance. For any inquiries about our backups or needing help restoring data, just reach out – we are always happy to assist! If you’re new here and interested in hosting with us, click below for information about shared, business, and WordPress Turbo hosting packages!


At 92 Web Hosting, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled hosting services to our clients in Pakistan and beyond. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction sets us apart. We take immense pride in being the sole provider in Pakistan to offer the JetBackup backup feature across all our hosting plans. This powerful tool ensures seamless data protection, offering our clients peace of mind and confidence in their online ventures. As you navigate the digital landscape, choose 92 Web Hosting for a secure, efficient, and reliable hosting experience. Your success is our priority, and we stand ready to support your online journey with our cutting-edge solutions.”

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