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What is cPanel in Pakistan?

What is cPanel?

If you are planning to develop and host your first website you may wondering how to manage all of your files, emails and databases. You may heard to use CPanel for all of your hosting needs. So what is CPanel? CPanel is a web hosting control panel software that offers graphical interface for website administration. It uses a three-tier structure and develop by cPanel, LLC. Its user-friendly interface and automation tools make it a convenient choice for managing websites. Using a standard web browser, cPanel makes the hosting process more manageable for website owners.

User-friendly interface

The powerful web interface that helps users manage their website and hosting features. The interface is user-friendly, so there is no learning curve and you can easily use it in most popular web browsers. You can create professional-looking email accounts and manage your domains, email accounts, and back up files. If you are new to web hosting, CPanel can help you started and learn.

Easily manage graphics and multimedia

It can be used to manage various aspects of your website, including content, graphics, and multimedia. In addition to controlling the website, CPanel also handles upgrades to web applications. It is also easy to install many add-ons and optimize your site’s performance. It includes AW Stats, a feature that displays a variety of information about your website’s visitors, including their browser and locales of origin.

Rich Statistics

Besides being intuitive and user-friendly, the control panel has many statistical features. AWStats, for example, allows you quickly present various web statistics. For example, it knows how much bandwidth your website has used and which web pages visited frequently. Moreover, it knows which times search engines crawl your website. This information is extremely useful to anyone who wants to optimize website for the best results.

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