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Reseller Hosting Pakistan

Earn Revenue & Support Your Clients with
Fast and Dependable Hosting Options

Are you starting your own web hosting business? Make money as a reseller with our fully white-labeled Reseller Hosting Pakistan solutions. Your customers will love their faster sites, hosted on our 20X faster Turbo servers. After all, faster sites have better SEO rankings, lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates. You’ll love our expert 12/7 HEROIC Support and ultra-reliable servers backed by our 99.9% Uptime Commitment!


3500 Month
  • Storage 20GB NVMe
  • Bandwidth Unmetered
  • WebHost Manager (WHM)
  • Client Accounts 20
  • White Labeled Control Panel


5500 Month
  • Storage 40GB NVMe
  • Bandwidth Unmetered
  • WebHost Manager (WHM)
  • Client Accounts 40
  • White Labeled Control Panel


8500 Month
  • Storage 70GB NVMe
  • Bandwidth Unmetered
  • WebHost Manager (WHM)
  • Client Accounts 70
  • White Labeled Control Panel


12500 Month
  • Storage 100GB NVMe
  • Bandwidth Unmetered
  • WebHost Manager (WHM)
  • Client Accounts 100
  • White Labeled Control Panel

More About Reseller Hosting Pakistan

What is Reseller Hosting?

Our Reseller Plans lets you start your own Hosting Business by selling our white labeled products. Manage your own customers, earn money, and run your own hosting company the way you want. We give you complete control over all aspects of your business. But don’t worry you’re not in this alone, you will always have the backing of our 12/7 HEROIC Support anytime you need help. So be a Boss, make cash, and take your business to the next level with 92 Reseller Hosting! Give your customers the 92 difference. Our 92 Reseller Plans are hosted on the fastest cutting edge hardware in the industry. Your plan will be set up on servers using AMD EPYC CPUs and NVMEe drives, that translates to blazing fast speeds for you and your customers.

Reseller Hosting Top Features

  • 40% Faster AMD EPYC Servers
  • 20X Faster NVMEe drives
  • cPanel & WHM
  • Control Panel Licenses
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • Imunify360 Enteprise Firewall
  • White Labeled Soluttion
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Site Migrations
  • Free Email
  • 12/7/365 HEROIC Team Support

Reseller Hosting FAQs

Get answers to all of your most commonly asked Reseller Hosting Pakistan questions here!

Reseller Hosting is a service that allows you to easily host your own clients or even start your own hosting business. You don’t have to worry about hardware or networks with our turnkey Reseller Hosting solution because your customers will be hosted on our servers! Your Reseller account features a set amount of disk space and bandwidth that you can allocate among your customers how you like.

While similar in some aspects, Shared and Reseller Hosting are quite different and are designed for different users. Shared Hosting is generally intended to be used for a single user or business. Shared Hosting customers get one cPanel account to manage all of their websites.

Alternatively, Reseller Hosting is designed for users who want to host their own customers or start their own web hosting business. Reseller Hosting customers get access to their WHM control panel and are able to create hosting packages for each of their customers. Each customer gets their own cPanel control panel to manage their websites.

Are you curious if buying Reseller Hosting is profitable? It absolutely is! Let’s take a real-world example. Let’s say you order a Reseller Hosting account from us that costs Rs3500/mo. If you account allows you to host 20 customers, your cost is a mere Rs175/customer.

If you charge each of your customers Rs300/mo, you will earn a Rs6000 revenue (20 customers multiplied by Rs300/mo). Once you subtract the Rs175/mo Reseller account cost, your profit is Rs2500/mo.

As you can see, you can absolutely make money with Reseller Hosting!

Without Reseller Hosting, it takes a lot of money, expertise and time to launch your own web hosting business. Trust us, we’ve been hosting our own customers since 2012. To launch your own web hosting business, you would need to buy your own servers, setup your networks, pay for software licenses etc. There’s a lot to it! On the other hand, you’ll be ready to host your own customers immediately upon signing up for your Reseller Hosting account from 92 Web Hosting. Our Reseller Hosting makes it faster, easier and much more affordable to host your own customers!

The Ease Of A WHM Reseller Host

Each 92 Web Hosting Reseller account is managed with the user-friendly WebHost Manager (WHM) control panel. WHM allows you to create individual hosting accounts for your customers. Each hosting account you create are in turn managed with the award-winning cPanel control panel.

WHM is used for important tasks like:

  • Creating hosting packages
  • Managing your customers’ accounts
  • Setting up hosting support

Advantages of Being an 92 Web Hosting Reseller

  • Blazing Fast Service

As a hosting customer yourself, you understand the importance of a fast loading web page. Page load speeds impact everything from search engine rankings to conversion rates to bounce rates. Think of the last time you waited for a slow loading page to load. The truth is, you didn’t wait for the page to load. You moved on to the next site to purchase or get your information from. Your customers want fast hosting just as much as you do.

Do you really want to pay for, setup and maintain everything you need to launch a web hosting company and still at the end of the day worry about how to offer your customers the fastest page loads speeds? With our SwiftServer platform, 20X faster Turbo Servers and free nVME SSDs, we’ve already done all of that legwork. Best of all you can resell these services as your own to your customers All you need to do is sign up for a Reseller account to get started!

  • Cost-Effective

Launching a hosting company from scratch is expensive when you consider the cost of servers, licenses bandwidth, software etc. That doesn’t even include the cost of staff to keep everything running smoothly. 92 Web Hosting’s Reseller Hosting solutions are an affordable alternative! Purchase one of our resource abundant Reseller Hosting accounts at an affordable price and let us worry about the expenses like servers and bandwidth. Instead you can focus on acquiring your own customers and supporting them!

  • Worry-Free Hosting

A major concern for web hosting companies is equipment failure. 92 Web Hosting Reseller Hosting accounts are worry-free because it is OUR job to maintain and monitor server equipment. And we do a superb job of it evident by our 99.9% Uptime Commitment. We recommend that you pass this commitment along to your customers as well.

  • Marketing Your New Hosting Company

92 Web Hosting reseller customers can use any money set aside for costs like purchasing servers and bandwidth, and instead use it for promoting your web hosting company. Our Reseller WHM Hosting accounts are 100% re-brandable. This will allow you to setup custom branding within your customers’ cPanel control panel specific to your hosting company. 92 Web Hosting also offers free custom nameservers which further allow you to take our web hosting services and to “make it your own”.

The first step is to buy a Reseller Hosting package. Once you have selected your package, you will use the included WebHostManager (WHM) control panel to start and manage your Reseller Hosting business. Use WHM to create individual cPanel accounts for each your customers. WHM is also loaded with additional features allowing you to create and deleted web hosting packages, manage account security and much more!

A site’s speed has a direct impact on its conversion rate, bounce rate and SEO rankings. In short, website speed is a key component to a website’s success. 92 Web Hosting gives your customers the best chance at success with our high performance solutions. Make sure to host on our Turbo Servers featuring up to 20X FASTER page speeds compared to competing Reseller Hosting solutions.

Just because you aren’t hosting your customers on your own hardware doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to brand your hosting business exactly how you like! Our white-labeled Reseller Hosting allows you to customize your customers’ control panels, your nameservers and your billing software with your very own branding!

You rely on your hosting provider. Downtime equals lost revenue. If you have a question, you need an answer fast. Depend on our superb 12/7/365 HEROIC support staff like they are your own. With tons of sites and the need for total control over each one, our cPanel/WHM Reseller Hosting has got you covered.

The reality is that your customers care mostly about the uptime and performance of their sites and their host. We understand. That’s why your customers’ accounts will not only be fast, but they’ll be ultra-reliable, backed by our 99.9% Uptime Commitment. 

Your Reseller account is fully white-labeled so you can promote the services offered to your own customers. Promote features like our Server speed boosting nVME solid state drives and up to 20X FASTER Turbo Servers to your own customer base to help boost your own sales!

Prefer to buy Reseller Hosting for personal use because you want a separate cPanel account for each of your sites? You can do that too! Whether you want Reseller Hosting for personal or business use, you can try us completely risk-free. Get started now!

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